Friday, 29 February 2008

When will it be summer?

The weather hasn’t been great all day to be honest, dull skies, wet and windy. Then coming to think of it today isn’t as windy as Tuesday.

This picture goes to show how the weather reflects this time of year.

Other than the usual weather, I came across this unusual looking thing while in an Aberdeen bar before Amy’s concert on Monday.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

New skills

End of the college week and all has gone as planned, a college week I have enjoyed with the news of passing my numeracy assessment. All classes are going fine as planned, getting that little more experienced using flash, did some interesting things with it today. Created a water pump, so when you pressed play it would animate the pump of water. Other than the small test given I practiced using various methods, for example using transform options on the tool, at the end of the day it is more experience for me and something I will take for granted in the future as a wed developer. So what’s next, one will be more dedicated hard work towards achieving my goal of passing the course, then there’s the HNC, and the final is getting a good rewarding job in the computing industry.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Usual Wednesday

Now at college in the social software class editing the Wiki, made it look a little more appealing to the reader by adding a couple of pictures and changing the font sizes. In the long run it will give you a rough idea of where the college class live, and how it varies.

Later on today I have the digital media still images class to where I hope I will be staring my portfolio and assignment, have a couple of ideas of what I am going to be doing, must say Photoshop CS3 is ace, you can do so much with it, for example cloning object within a photo. Cloned some stuff last week.

All will be finished with the digital media video editing class, where I will be continuing editing my video I was crating last week, before I can proceed I need to change the format so it will play in windows media player. One done it will be published on you tube to where you can see, when it is I will drop a link in my blog.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

College and a great concert

Passed the first part of the numeracy yesterday, was a big thumbs up. Just have two more bits to pass and that is it completed. Other than the assessment, I did a little more work on my story board for elements for applications. Thinking of making a quiz and a spot the difference, regarding to the subject I have been given. That’s the all important health and safety, it will also have to include a video and audio. That shouldn’t be too hard.

Other than college, my main highlight was seeing Amy Macdonald live at the music hall, was great, and I mean great. Thumbs up to Amy for a great concert, my night was made even better when I got my CD signed. Thank you Amy for a great concert.

Monday, 25 February 2008

In need of software

With the weekend over I guess its back to college, currently thinking through whether I’m going to splash out and buy some adobe software, Adobe Creative suite 3 web premium costing around £245. Would be worth it though in the long run as it has Photoshop CS3 and Flash CS3, both applications I use at college. Then I will be able to carry out college work away from college, rather than rely completely on the college computers. Will be handy having the correct software on my computer.

Have a look for yourself. student software

Friday, 22 February 2008


The weather today has been wet and miserable, didn’t stop me taking these pictures though.

Slightly overcast too.

Could get hail like we did earlier.

Sheep in the distance.

Pond full of water

Liked the light effect over the trees.

Flash CS3

It’s the early days of block 2 and all is well. Yesterday was interesting enough, given a task using flash. This was to create a rectangle and make it rotate, was easy enough. The tough task was creating a figure using the parts provided in the library, and then make it move across the screen using the frame by frame. Early days and still getting used to flash, must mention I have found it easier to use than first thought.

Digital media audio consisted of watching another video, then starting a task that will take 3 week. This task was to choose a story from a list given to use, then research the story and choose a chapter. Next week we will start making our own story, this will involve creating our own sounds. Could turn out to be very interesting indeed

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Wiki progression

Well it’s Wednesday already and I am at college doing Social Software at the moment, currently editing the Wiki we created last week. My topic is college journeys, the group has put in an image and a few links to make it look more professional and interesting, who knows, there might be someone out there who doesn’t know were Aberdeen is. The Wiki page seems to be developing the way it should be, give it some more time and it should be something with a good source of information.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

weeks flys bye

The week has been going fine so far with college. Didn’t do all that much in the Install and maintain computer software class, all I did was determined whether software was compatible, and discuss the copyright terms of software. Later was element for software, at this stage I thought and wrote down my ideas. Pleased too say I have a good idea to where I feel is the right direction for passing.

Will keep you informed.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Nothing to do yet

At the point of not knowing what to do, I’m meaning I have completed all the college work possible so far. So I haven’t got a class till 11am. That will be the Install and maintain computer software, so it runs through my mind of what we will be doing today. Will it be paperwork or maybe practical so I can take some pictures to post.

I am looking forward to the Digital media (elements for applications) class, this is so I can hopefully create my storyboard for the assessment. It will have to include the following things.


So I would imagine this is going to be interesting to see what I come up with, would like to make it funny, but not so simple so I can text the knowledge of what people know about health and safety when involving a computer.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

My chosen HNC

With the weekend drawing to an end, I haven’t much really to say other than I applied for my HNC. I have chosen to do multimedia web development, this all depends on me passing the course I am doing at the moment, shouldn’t be a problem as block one was easy enough to handle. My decision to do Web development was helped with the past couple of weeks. There will be plenty to do, just think about taking your own pictures? Editing them in Photoshop and putting them on you website. The achievements stand for themselves. Adding to that you have the chance to add videos and audio, with the added perk of animations that interact with the user, so in a whole you have a quality website people would want to view and enjoy.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Using Flash CS3 Professional

College has gone fine this week with the opportunity of using Flash CS3 again yesterday. I did a few more tasks, but this time I used frames for creating my animation, basically I started with a single image and changed it slightly frame by frame, so for example I could have a stick man walking across the page. This was achieved by changing the stickman frame by frame, so for example I changed the positioning of the legs to make the stickman walk.

Then in the afternoon I did some audio editing. First the class was split into groups, then we were set the task to record a conversation about out selected category. Mine was about travelling to college, at this point we each recorded a sentence about our travel. Then uploaded the recording to blackboard for the group to edit individually.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

More Photoshop

All seems to have gone to plan at college so far today, I am currently in the Digital media still images class and working with Photo shop, carrying out a few task. Today I am adjusting the colours of some pictures to make them look more professional. For example I have to change the colour of a building, leaving the building next to it as it was when I started the change. all good fun to be honest.

Hometown and travel to college

The day has started fine so far, the class has created a Wiki for everyone too see. The general topics are our travel to college and hometown, considering my hometown is in the middle of nowhere. Wasn’t much to say, but my memory served me well to help me create a good paragraph?

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

A new season nears

Has been a cracking day considering it is February.

So this picture reminded me how the season and activities of the farmers are changing .

Not bad for a mobile picture.

Friday, 8 February 2008

My progress so far

With the week ending and the weekend approaching I’m feeling relieved the week has gone to plan, have now wrote the review I had to write as a task for the Social Software. Just away to submit it to my tutor to see if he would read it and see what he thinks. Other than that I’m pleased with my college progress and looking forward to the up and coming weeks, with the first week of class overviews of what I will be doing and what’s expected of me to pass the course. I now look forward to next week when the proper work of passing the NC in Digital Media Studies will begin.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

The Fun Continues

Has been a very interesting day today, started off with interactive media for web development. This first involved a brief outline of the unit and what is required to pass the assessments later on in the block, then I got the chance to use Flash CS3, had a little play around to make small animations. Then came the real task, creating a storyboard for one animation that has to feature on a website, this animation has to include buttons to stop and start it.

With the brain storming over and the finalised storyboard I started developing my animation. With the idea of a clown like figure I decided the animation will include the removal of a hat the clown will be wearing at the start of the animation.

This afternoon was taken up in the Digital Media Audio Editing, being the first week of block two it involved some talking about the unit and assessments. Other than this I watched Duncan demonstrate how you can edit sound in small audio clips, then I watched a video about audio and how music was made using different sounds and techniques to get the sounds and effects, for example the original Doctor Who series theme tune, this was made by talented people at the BBC years ago.

Take a look at this

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Block 2 continues

Well the day of college has ended and I must say I am really enjoying block 2, considering I have only been doing it for three days. so many new things to learn and do, this morning I was in Social Software, comprised of researching things to do with Social Software of course. Not forgeting the homework of reviewing a Social network site, mine is Wikipedia. Something to do and keep me focused on college. Next was Digital Still Image Editing, this was working with Photoshop CS3, got a small outline of whaT I was going to be doing, then carried out a small and simple task. All good for when it gets to the point of editing pictures. Last class of the day was Digital Video Editing, where I created a small video clip on how not to leave a computer, and how it should look. Great fun.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Block 2 has arrived

With it now approaching mid week I could happily say, everything has gone fine.
At last I started block 2 yesterday. First class was working with Microsoft PowerPoint, happy to say I have got the hang of PowerPoint. Good to see I am doing the Digital media, Elements for applications, this wasn’t hard at all, just gave me a brief idea of what element were. For example, what is Animations, audio and video? And how they can be used. I also was given the chance to learn about extensions like .doc and .mp3, this class will be very important if I chose to study web development next year as it will give me the skills of inserting media into a web site.