Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Assessments part two

The assessments are coming thick and fast again, and I seem to be passing them with much success as could be expected. As said I have placed the health and safety animation in the web page, it looks great. One less task to carry out on Thursday, leaving me more time to concentrate on other things, like making the web pages better for what they are meant to be. It has given me more time to think about the heading and colours. Hopefully this afternoon I will complete the video so its ready for the audio. That’s after I have taken the relevant photos in the still images class and edited them to the criteria

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Nearly finished animation

I have now just about finished the animation for my assessment, that included the motion, and shape tweening required. I have now placed the play and stop button, so you can stop the flash movie half way through. All needs to be done now is tweak so I am completely happy with my animation, so next week I will be adding the animation to the webpage, that’s if I don’t end up doing it at home. So all is going well with the animation. Etc.

Next class is audio, at the point of adding my effects to the samples and finalising next week. Then I can write the report the week after. If all goes well I should have the resulting week free to do as I please and look forward to the HNC next year.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Well its Wednesday, college is going fine. All the assessment are either starting or due to start soon. Am doing really well with that big presentation, as I have all the button for the web pages done I have been working on the quiz I am creating, that’s practically done to be honest, just need placed in my web page.

Storyboard is done for my animation, just need to start creating it. It going to be simple, but will end up being more complex. Have also recorded my first lot of audio samples for the audio class, the samples will be placed over the top of my video to create narration once they have had the various effects added.

Not much to post about the video other than the storyboard is complete and I’m due to start recording today.

Friday, 2 May 2008

One step further

Haven’t been doing all that much today, other than write up questions and answers for the multiple choice quiz. Once I had thought of enough questions I downloaded a free quiz maker, smart quiz I have created to be honest. Never thought it would be that easy.
Have finally finished the page headings and buttons for my assessment, lot of hard work and grafting, but I got there. All I have to do now is think about content for the pages, that won’t be hard as the quiz will take up one as will the flash animation I will be creating.

Will have to create a storyboard for the flash animation, gives me something to do over the weekend, or at least gather some final ideas, have this idea of running the text in from different angles, for example, one sentence comes in from the left, while the others come in from the right and top. While I will have a logo animation in the middle.
Will look great when I get it linked to the PowerPoint presentation I am creating in digital media for applications.

Am also up to date in the audio class, have finished the planning, risk assessment and storyboard. So yesterday I created myself a script and recorded the first run of narration for the video I will be making next week.

Will keep you informed of my progress.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Finished all work

Well it’s towards the end of the week now and college has gone fine. Nearing the end of the year when all the assessments start. Don’t currently have anything to do as I have completed all the work required, so I thought id post to my blog and keep you informed of anything new. The big assessment starts next week, not too bad as I have plenty of ideas on what I’m going to be doing, the plans are written for the audio side, while the overall plan is completed, with the video storyboard nearly finished.

Dreamweaver is great fun, so if you ever get the chance to use it like I have. Go for it.