Thursday, 27 September 2007

Better Days to Come

The week has been superb so far, had a day at home on Monday to catch up with the college work, homework, nothing like being back at school doing something I really enjoy. One day closer to become a Software developer, I hope.

Learning new stuff all the time now at college, almost finished the work book we have been given for the databases, putting backgrounds and links into the webpage. All sound enough when you get used to the web commands.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Radio one publicity starts with the likes of the Radio One big weekends, Judge Jules and Jk and Joel in Ibiza.It is clearly seen the best clubs in the world see the best DJ’s, radio one on the road is seen as a non stop magazine. Publicity can also see the big bands visit the studio for interviews.


We met Rob McKenzie, Head of News and his assistant news editor Natalie Jamieson, the responsibilities fall with Natalie to assign reporters like Andy Brown a story. Andy might go away and make interviews with the general pubic, or make notes to form his story. It is when he has reported back, Natalie and the production team have there daily production meeting to see what stories will make the news bulletin at lunch time.

After the daily meeting when all has been agreed, it is then read out on air by newsreader Georgina Bowman.


The playlist is made up of 3 categories, A, B and C list. The successful artists who made the playlist are put into these three categories, artists who made the A list will have there song played 25-30 times a week, while the B list will have theirs played 10-12 times a week, while artists in the C list will only have theirs played 5 times a week.

Meeting the Staff

Meeting the Staff

While we were there we had the chance to meet some of the producers, DJ’s and other production staff.

Will Kinder who joined Radio One in 1997 started by producing the Zoe Ball show, then finally ended up joining and producing the Chris Moyle’s show. Radio One starts off with The Chris Moyle’s show at 7 am. The Chris Moyle’s show replaced Zoe Ball because of the drop in listeners.

Then we met the music policy producer Sarita Jagpal. We were told how pluggers visit the station each day hoping to win the chance to get their clients music on the play list, Sarita then explained her job as music policy producer, and how she sits down with the plugger and reviews the record for it’s qualities, the policy producer then goes away and meets with the head of music and other producers, after this the head of music makes the final decision on who gets there music played on radio one.

Later Jo Whiley presented the Live Lounge replacing Moyle’s show. During the Live Lounge you generally get artists coming in and singing other artists songs live, In the afternoon Edith Bowman and Colin Murray take over. With their classy personality and great selection of songs, they are a great hit.
Scot Mills appears at 4 pm to host his show, his show is usually pure laughter, with his winding people up on the phone, the flirt divert, great songs again and general chit chat.

Radio One Today

Radio One has now become one of the biggest radio stations worldwide, with 42m listeners; it airs pop music for younger people, thanks to the help of producer controller Andy Parfitt. It covers a wide area to include news, sports and showbiz, as well as programs like Sunday surgery, Radio One big Weekend.

How Radio One started back in 1967

We were given a brief run down of how Radio One started and how listeners had a chance to listen to music from the British Broadcast Corporation, better known as the BBC, who back then had all the broadcasting rights and a monopoly. They were only able to broadcast for the odd hour.

Then a radio station called Radio Caroline came along and changed all this, Radio Caroline started to broadcast music 24 hrs a day from the ship called MV Mi Amigo that was situated outside territorial waters. New radio stations like Britain Radio started to appear and broadcast music 24 seven, this meant there was a new revolution developing. This indicated that the British Broadcast Corporation no longer had the monopoly. Then in 1967 the British government outlawed the radio stations like Britain radio and Radio Caroline as they were thought as pirate stations.

It was now clear that they were going to need a replacement radio station, so this was when Radio One was created. Then came along Tony Blackburn in 1967 to broadcast the first show on radio 1 at 7 am with the song Flowers in the Rain.

A day at Radio One

It is Thursday and we have just returned to college after a visit to the Radio One studio, we first had the privilege of meeting Radio One controller Andy Parfitt. Andy was appointed as controller in 1998. His main role is to promote and develop ideas for the radio station, aimed at the younger generation.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Last day of the college week

The week has been fantastic so far as I have learned so much in the last three days I have been at college, from web development to software development. I have also been doing well within the spreadsheets and databases.

Software and web development have been very interesting this week, in software development we have been looking at the stages of writing a computer program, we had to create a power point presentation explaining all the steps.

In web development we have finally started creating a website, it's been very strange to start with, using all the different website phrases.

Highlight of my week was Manchester United winning their game in the Champions League, made my day when I heard that.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Bob Marley clip!!

Well we have just watched a clip of Bob Marley at a concert and I have to say Bob Marley is a absolute legend, the way he conducted his concerts to the crowd was first class . He has sung some very interesting and world class songs, the 2 songs we watched in the clips were No Women No cry and Get Up Stand Up.

They in themselves were classic songs that you can't fault. When we watched the clip I had to admire the stage colours, the bond between the great legend Bob Marley and the crowd was great, his voice was second to none.

The thrid week of college is going fine

The third week of college and it couldn’t be going better, am really enjoying my course at Aberdeen College. Still learning new things everyday, didn’t realise how easy it was to maintain a blog, got my first assessment next week, so I will be going home to swat up on the stuff about copyright laws.

Oasis can never be beaten to top spot!!!

Hey there everyone.

It is Thursday and I'm at college writing this blog to u as a task we have to do.
Well it's not going to take much to figure out what my favourite band of all time, is Oasis

Oasis is a band that I can listen to time after time, they have had heaps of fantastic album releases in the UK, for instance (Whats the Story) Morning Glory.

Morning Glory has to be my favourite. Why (Whats the Story) Morning Glory?

It still is one of their best selling albums, contains some of their most famous tracks like "Wonderwall" and " Don't Look Back in Anger. I think they are two of the best songs they have written so far.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Second week at college

Have been at college for two weeks now and have meet so many people, most of them have been very nice people to meet since they are of my age group.

The college is a fine place to be, has a canteen where you can meet and socialise with friends when having lunch. There is a computer room where you can go to when you are at college or not. It's very handy when you are needing to catch up with college work.

Plus it's very great when you have a student card as you get discounts in most high street stores.
Things are still going fine as expected, liking the course and going strong, there are some very interesting elements to the course, especially the software and web development.