Thursday, 24 April 2008


With not being at college on Monday it has been a very short week, first today was working with animations again and completing the task from last week. That was to create a simple animation, logo, and advert about fire extinguishers.

To be honest it is looking great now it has the buttons and sound added, fairly getting used to using the layers and different features of flash.

Then once I completed the animation I got the chance to use Dreamweaver again, it’s getting very interesting and fun. And I’m looking forward to the HNC next year.

Have now completed the plan, storyboard and risk assessment for the audio class, that’s basically about what I’m going to record and what sound effects will be added.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Secret Missons

With being off college on Monday it has been a long weekend, so now I’m back. Starting with the social Software class, currently undertaking a secret mission we had to generate last week. My chosen mission was to collect 600 gold in 30 minutes using the word bump, managed the task ok, as for the big assessment I have managed to create a animated heading, so that’s looking pretty cool.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Web Pages

Tuesday was taken up with working some more on my web pages for the assessment, a little more working on the heading and buttons for the various pages. Have found myself to come up with some good ideas, ideas I feel make my web pages look professional.

Now I have the software on my computer I have developed the skills to create my own buttons, so this makes my web pages unique and different.

Have just been given today’s task in the Social Software class, seems easy enough, develop a task or mission for a fellow student to carry out.

So all is well so far.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Ideas and Success

Monday morning has gone very quickly to be honest, first I was working with Microsoft Visio, but this time creating flow charts and finishing off the office plans from last week. Next was to finish off my practical assessment for install and maintain computer software, was completed with ease, and now I have passed that particular part.

Over the past couple of days I have been creating some of the heading and buttons for the web page I have to create, I did this using fireworks and Photoshop, and founds I got some really good results.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

End of the week

Today I made another ecard in flash, was very interesting because I gave it a happy birthday theme. With the happy appearing from the left hand side, while the birthday appears from the right.
Then I designed my ecard in a way of a strawberry expanding while moving towards the centre of the ecard, giving it a zoom effect. Once the strawberry had moved to the middle I used a explode effect to reveal another word.

This ecard was done using motion tweening, found this way far easier.

I finished the day writing an evaluation report in the audio class about the recent task we had done, was 400 words and easy to be honest.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

More hard work

All has gone well so far today, finally got to buy a housed on Gaia online. The task I am doing in the social software class, then I got to furnish it with loads of different things like a bed and sofa, can’t have a house without a bed and sofa can you. The digital still images class was working with filters so I could edit the photos in different ways to improve them, this involved applying effect to a statue, but leaving the background untouched, editing a photo to make it look like somebody’s eye are closed. I did this using the healing brush and liquify filter, currently in the video editing class creating a video about effects. For example zoom and lighting, the movie seems to be coming on well enough and is nearly finished.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The course so far

Well its now mid week of the first week back to college since the Easter holidays, to be honest at this stage there isn’t much to report about. Monday morning I started using Microsoft Visio, was interesting to be honest. Designing various things like office apartments and manager offices, wasn’t too hard, it’s good that I am learning new things each week. As for that big assessment, I have nearly finished the story board. Indicating where things will be in the presentation, so all is well at this stage.